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As a small spark of light ignites in a Midwest city, curiosity starts to take over. When our desire for change and adventure begins to grow, we begin to venture out, but of course with hesitation because change can be scary.I made a decision to move to a new city where everything is unknown, and unfamiliar.


This was a major change in my life.But the one change that molded me into the person I am today would be the day I held my first boxer puppy in my arms. An egg-shaped noggin, brindle colored tiny being.I wouldn't know it then, but from that day forward my little bug changed the course of my life.


It was love at first sight. She taught me responsibility, compassion, empathy, and even unconditional love. This change wasn't scary, it was calm and peace.As we move forward in this world and in life, we sometimes experience happiness, sadness, and even loneliness wondering where we fit at in this world.


But for the first time, I knew.I knew where I was supposed to be.I was supposed to be right here next to my bug where she'd be by my side on the happiest days and on the toughest ones. My dog has become everything to me down to the last fiber of my being.


This is where Beyond Expawtation Pet Care LLC began, that spark was no longer a small light, but a full flame ignited by unconditional love. My wish is for all pets in every home to feel the same love!  

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